march break

i’m home on march break and have not done any work yet. i will start my inductive…tomorrow. haha. anyway it’s been good to be home and get some sleep and not be freaking out about papers and projects every day. i guess you could say relaxing is relaxing?

i’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about my plans for the future. don’t worry, nothing is changing, but i am trying to define what exactly those plans are. a specification, if you will, of priorities. yeah deep/weird. just what has been on my mind.

in other news, i love hillsong united. i’ve been watching their dvd’s lately, “savior king” and “united we stand”. both are top notch productions and very solid musically.

i twitter quite frequently so if you are a stalker and want up to the minute details of my life, you can have it delivered to your phone. haha

that’s about it for now…i’ve loaded a few new pics up to the zooomr, so you should check that out fo sho

have a great night all


your memory remains

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