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I have been working on a lot of school lately, and of course, a few web projects.



In the past couple of weeks I have updated the bbc zooomr to include pictures from all of last semester and this semester.  I’m about 200 short of 10k, so we’ll see what I can do in the rest of the semester 😀

Read this interesting blog post from my friend Issac.

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We get emotional about the things we care about – love of family, patriotism, death, victory, and sports. is it any wonder that humans would get emotional about their religion?

-the wonder of worship, keith drury, page one hundred-fourteen

these last two quotes i have posted are from a book that i am reading for my church music and worship class. last night i got one point five hours of sleep because of the two thousand word paper i was writing for that class. sweet.

love people

this is a repost from my notes on facebook

the only way to truly love is to love with a passion that reflects that of Jesus. the only way to truly be loved is to love first, as he demonstrated. love doesn’t come easy. it’s hard to trust others and then be left to bandage up the wounds that are left after that trust is broken. scars and bruises show that. that’s what Jesus calls us to, to love others no matter what. no matter the pain, no matter what happens…to love. the only defensive action there is against this is to “stay in coma” (dead poetic). to not engage the world that we are in is a great way to stay safe. but that is not our calling. we are called to love others with the same reckless abandonment that Jesus did. the best way to change our world is not to buy a twloha tshirt, but to simply love people. loving people through not solely our actions or words, but by our very being. it should be our essence, our very presence should express that.

In Coma (Dead Poetic)

I’m still stitching up the stabs you left, weaving in and out slowly.
I grow accustomed to the piercing flesh, and find evil in the holy.
And still, I see the line between the stars, your scars, and mine.
And as this coarse thread pulls, I feel the veins of the frozen.

Stay in coma. It’s the only defense we have left.

A bad decision leaves me open and I’m left here shuttered for days.
If I could replay the words we said, I’d see you all amazed.
And still it’s not enough – save yourself and demonize us.
And as your curtain draws, they see the tears of the fallen.

Stay in coma. It’s the only defense we have left.

I’m not taking the fall for a spineless puppet.
You play quiet, and I won’t fight it.

Stay in coma. It’s the only defense we have left.

love people…that’s all that matters.