yup. this is it.

this is the update that i’ve been needing to give this blog for a bit and so here it goes.  i got back from newfoundland about two to three weeks ago, and had a great time while i was there.  i took quite a few photographs which some are still being processed, but i have a smartset up on zooomr that will keep you up to date.

currently, there’s fifty one photos, and a few more will probably be on their way.

i am now working for the summer, from seven pm to seven am at first quality.  yes, i am working in a diaper factory.  the hours are long, but it’s a job for the summer, so i am content with it.

i’ve been shooting quite a bit recently, and have been continuing hdr techniques to emphasize colours, contrasts and clarity.  i upload all the photos which i find intriguing and worth while to my photostream on zooomr.  if you are curious, i encourage you to go check it out and let me know what you think.

i also twitter quite frequently which will let you know what i am up to in between blog posts.  twitter is a micro-blogging application which brings people together via cell phones, im and web pages.

recently, i have begun using flock again and have found it to be quite useful for aggregating social networks.  it also has an element called “media streams” which i absolutely love.  it makes sharing content easy without having to copy links or code or whatever.

yesterday i setup a photoshelter account to hopefully begin selling some of the photos that i have taken.  if you are interested in buying a print, feel free to look there, or just shoot me an email.

and for the people who read all the way to the bottom of this post, here is a photo that i took, hi-res.

until next time, i wish the best to all.