how i installed ubuntu on the eeepc 901

after wrestling with the eeepc 901 (linux) and ubuntu all afternoon here is my quick guide to getting it done and installed:

1.  starting with a windows installation on the 4gb disk and data on the 16gb disk, inserting a 8gb sd card and installing ubuntu to that.

2.  Download ubuntu, move to 1gb< usb stick.  This is done by using this application:

you can either download the image from here:

or use the first program to download it, but i chose option b.

3.  Boot from the usb stick using the esc key to trigger the boot device choices when the Asus splash screen is up.

4.  Use the installer which is a shortcut on the desktop, follow that though, and choose guided partition and tell it to use the sd card.

5.  Go to this site: ( and follow the “slightyly cleaner solution” to fix the shutdown process, then reboot.

At this point, the operating system will be installed.  The problem now is getting a network connection (wired and wireless don’t work out of the box) so we need to find some drivers.

6.  Download this two packages on a secondary computer:

7.  Copy the two packages to your usb stick, then plug it into the eeepc.  Open a Terminal and navigate to your usb stick’s directory. Once there just type “sudo dpkg -i *.deb”

8.  Reboot and in the bootloader there should be another entry with “eee” in the title.

9.  Now your eeepc has ubuntu installed on a sd card as well as wired and wireless drivers working (in theory, it worked for me, may vary).

Referenced many, many, sites, but these are the main ones:

that’s about it, good luck 🙂