new years resolutions.

well the new year was rung in last night around midnight and i spent it by working at a youth event called 12 hours of madness where lots of teens come to celebrate the new year. it was a good time for sure but it was definetly really long.
thinking about the new year, it is a custom in north america to make a resolution of something which is going to change or be done differently in a person’s life. i am not personally a fan of this tradition because i think that if something in your life needs to change, why wait for new years?
anyway i think that new years resolutions are overrated. what we need is a resolution to change whatever we need to, when we need to. not being tied to specific dates or occasions, but when we observe a need in our lives, going ahead and taking the steps to change.
there is my thoughts on new years resolutions… what are yours?

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